Beauty break: how to fight jet lag?

Holidays mean travel, and they can also mean long flights. Discover L'Occitane's advice to feel great after spending time in the air. The secret to beating jet lag is revealed!
By Mélissa Darré

Set your body clock in advance

Before setting foot on the airplane, plan ahead by adapting yourself to your destination's time zone. Two or three days prior to departure, gradually change your sleep cycle, especially if your plans take you far from home. The more time zones you cross, the more vulnerable you are to jet lag. By changing your bedtime and wake time by half an hour each day, your internal clock will adjust more easily to the time change. Looking for a boost? Lightly sprayed in your bedroom, Aromachologie Relaxing Pillow Mist is perfect for helping you sleep.

Stay well-hydrated

Spending hours in a pressurised cabin takes its toll on your body. The air is particularly dry, and tends to dry out your skin. Remember to bring a large bottle of water with you. In addition to staying hydrated on the inside, make sure to moisturise your skin as often as possible using Shea Face Soothing Fluid enriched with comforting shea butter. During your flight, don't forget to pamper your hands with Shea Butter Hand Cream, and your lips with Pivoine Sublime Transparent Lip Balm.

Eat lightly

While on board, avoid heavy foods. Choose a light meal and keep drinking lots of water to protect your stomach. Make sure to adapt your food choices to overcome jet lag more quickly. If you'll be arriving at your destination early in the day, choose protein to help recover your energy. If your plans call for arriving late, a menu rich in carbs will help you fall asleep quickly. Want to pack a snack? Choose fresh fruits or cereal bars.

Keep moving

There's nothing worse than sitting in a narrow airplane seat for hours on end. To reduce that feeling of heaviness or cramps in your legs, or a backache, stand up every half hour. By taking a few steps in the aisle, you'll help boost your circulation. Drinking herbal tea or gently massaging your neck are also good ways to feel better instantly. Don't forget to wear loose-fitting clothes too, and maybe even flight socks, to be as comfortable as possible.

Pamper your face

 Looking tired, bags under your eyes, dull skin... Your face is quick to show how tired you are after a long flight, with or without a layover. It's better to limit the amount of make-up you wear on board. However, you don't have to give up your beauty routine completely during your flight. Pack your essentials: make-up remover, balancing lotion and moisturiser. And for a fresh start when you arrive, use Precious BB Cream to even your tone and protect skin with SPF30, and Divine Eyes to brighten your look.

Beauty break: how to fight jet lag?
Beauty break: how to fight jet lag?

Discover L'Occitane's advice to feel great after spending time in the air

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