Mother's Day: 5 thoughtful little ways to make her happy

Looking for a nice surprise for Mother's Day? L'Occitane has some original ideas to delight your mum on this special day.
By Mélissa Darré

Prepare a delicious breakfast

To start off a beautiful Mother's Day, begin her day with a lovely breakfast. Pastries, fresh fruit or freshly squeezed orange juice, choose the perfect menu made up of her favourites. Even better, bring her breakfast in bed for a luxurious start to the day.

Treat her to a relaxing bath

Continue the pampering with a bath perfumed with essential oils. With the subtle blend of Aromachologie bath oil and salts, you'll give her a unique experience of well-being with the scents of lavender, mandarin and bergamot.

Write a letter from the heart

Why not take advantage of this special day to open your heart to her? A beautiful quote, a shared memory... A few well-chosen words are always better than a long speech, so don't be too formal and let your pen speak.

Create a memory book

Journey through this special relationship with a photo album designed by you. By highlighting your shared moments with carefully selected snapshots you'll relive many happy moments spent together.

Take a stroll together in a special place

A historic site that she would enjoy rediscovering? A boutique that she adores? A park where she likes to walk? Make her Mother's Day by taking your mum for a walk in a favourite place that signifies happiness to her.

Mother's Day
Mother's Day

 5 thoughtful little ways to make her happy

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