Provence Touch: bringing spring into your home

Spring has sprung! It's the perfect time to breathe some lightness and freshness into the heart of your home. Discover L'Occitane's decoration ideas to get your home feeling summery.
By Mélissa Darré

Let the sunshine in

Gone is the bad winter weather, as the rays of sunshine start to make their way through your home again. To make the most of this return of natural light, do a clean up! The time for 'spring cleaning' has come. Swap your thick curtains for a lighter net fabric. Put away your woollen knits and bring out your colourful scarves. Let some air in to give your home a real breath of fresh air. And whatever you do, be sure to clean your windows to get some clarity.

Decoration tip: cleverly arrange your mirrors around your home to make the rooms seem bigger and brighter! 

Say it with flowers

As spring reappears, you dream of bringing some cheer to your interiors. Outside, nature is waking up. Bring the outdoors inside with simple bouquets of fresh flowers and indoor plants – indulge yourself! Requiring minimum space and upkeep, these touches of greenery give every room in the house an intoxicating boost of colour and fragrance.

Decoration tip: combine aesthetics with well-being by arranging your plants according to their properties. Soothing lavender in the bedroom, invigorating verbena in the kitchen, etc. You're positively spoilt for choice.

Dites-le avec des fleurs
© Fotolia - annaia

Add a splash of colour

Whether subtle or vibrant, a fresher colour scheme is a tasteful way to give your home sweet home a hint of spring. Either through little touches or more dramatic changes, on the walls or with the help of some accessories, dress your home with vibrant colours. One wall painted olive green, small decorative items in powder pink, a piece of furniture given a tangerine orange makeover, it's up to you!

Decoration tip: the golden rule? Marry your pastel, bright or fluorescent shades with more neutral and elegant notes to avoid overwhelming.

Taming nature

Like to talk to your plants to help them grow? There are other ways to be green-fingered, too. A favourite of this season's plant trend is to use tropical or rural and rustic themes in decoration. Lights hanging like chrysalises, Liberty print cushions, linen napkins in nude tones, small wicker doesn't have to be a big change to give a country-style atmosphere with Provençal influences.

Decoration tip: to redecorate your home without spending a fortune, take a wander around the markets and second-hand shops to find some treasures at bargain prices.

Domptez le naturel
© Fotolia - Alena Ozerova

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