The 5 Essentials of Male Grooming

Good grooming isn't just for women. More and more men are interested in their well-being and are following an effective and appropriate grooming routine. Discover these essential rituals for male grooming.
By Mélissa Darré

Step 1: take care of your face

Men's skin, which is thicker than women's is sensitive to impurities. To avoid oily skin, blackheads and pimples, deep cleansing is important. Using exfoliating particles, Cédrat Pure Cleanser scrubs your skin, leaving it soft and clean. The ultimate touch? Use Cédrat Global Face Gel to moisturize and eliminate shine, while reducing visible signs of tiredness thanks to its invigorating citrus formula.

Step 2: shave gently

A true ritual, shaving is a daily task for most men. Since warm water softens your beard and opens up your skin's pores, take advantage of your shower to apply Cade Shaving Gel. It transforms into a smooth foam and protects your skin while reducing razor irritation. When you finish shaving, rinse your face with cold water to eliminate any residue and close your pores. Finally, gently massage your skin with a drop of calming Cade After Shave Balm.

Step 3: nourish your skin

Taking care of your skin every day is not just for women. A sure sign of masculinity, hydrating your body can be done with a nourishing crème like Verbena Body Lotion. Morning and night, use its rich, fragrant texture after showering. For best results, scrub once or twice a week with Verbena Body Salt Scrub. Free from dead cells, your skin is better prepared for this routine.

Step 4: strengthen your hair

Healthy hair is often men's foremost grooming issue. Men's hair tends to become dull, develop dandruff and even fall out due to damage from the environment, including pollution and temperature changes. Cédrat Purifying Shampoo for cleansing makes hair feel fresh and has an invigorating fragrance. Using it with Citrus Verbena Fresh Conditioner will make your hair healthy and sparkling clean.

Step 5: choose your scent

Finding the perfect scent is especially important for men. Men who like spicy and woody notes will like the natural scent of L'Occitan Eau de Toilette. You can also find this masculine scent in a deodorant in the form of the L'Occitan Roll-On. You'll love its protective formula that is free of aluminium salts, and it is effective against odour and wetness. It has a spicy and intoxicating scent.

The 5 Essentials of Male Grooming
The 5 Essentials of Male Grooming

Discover these essential rituals for male grooming

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