Beauty Benefits of Serum

Why Add Serum to Your Skincare Routine

A basic daily skincare routine consists of Cleansing, Tone, and Moisturizing. Add weekly treatments, such as exfoliation and face mask, to give your skin extra care. However, your skin needs more than the basic. Your skin needs the benefits of adding serum to your daily skincare routine.


How to Use Face Serum

How to Use Face Serum
-Clean your face with your favorite facial cleanser, then dry your skin with soft fabric. 

-Apply toner, wait until your skin absorbs the toner before moving on to the next step of your daily skincare ritual: applying the face serum.

-To optimize the effects of face serum and other skincare products even further, apply our favorite skin booster Immortelle Reset pre-serum before your face serum. Made with natural ingredients, Immortelle Reset helps you turn back the clock on your skin and reset your skin conditions, enabling you to wake up with refreshed and revitalized skin.

-Pour a little drop of face serum on your fingertips and start massaging the essence on your face. Apply your moisturizers afterwards.

When Should You Start Using Face Serum?

When Should You Start Using Face Serum and Best Time to Use Face Serum

Best Time to Use Face Serum

The best time to use face serum is every day and night, but especially at night, when your skin absorbs skincare products more effectively. You can start using face serum anytime. In fact, it is recommended to start using face serum as soon as possible, to give your skin the proper care and protection since early age.

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