Digital Shopping Influencer

Be Our Influencer

We are calling all of L'Occitane lovers to join us and become a part of this brand!

Special rewards await for you who could invite up to 5 people to shop L'Occitane online. 

Here are some essentials information you need to know before becoming our influencer. 

How do I participate?
  1. You could become our influencer just by shopping online with minimum transaction of Rp750.000, using promotional code TIMETOSHINE
  2. A special promotional code would be given to you via email, e.g. ANNAXLOCCITANE. 
  3. You could distribute this promotional code on your social media to encourage others to shop with cash back Rp50.000*.
  4. Registration will be open until 20 May 2018.

How does the promotional code work?
  • People who use your promotional code (e.g. ANNAXLOCCITANE) would receive a cash back of Rp50.000, valid with minimum transaction of Rp750.000.
  • Each promotional code could only be used for up to 5 transactions.
  • Promotional code would only be valid until 7 June 2018.

Could the promotional code be combined with other promotions?
No. People who use your promotional code could not combine the cash back of Rp50.000 with any other available promotions. 

Are there any tips to be a succesful influencer?
  • Post beautiful photos of you with your favourite L'Occitane products and tell them why you love L'Occitane. 
  • In order to look more professional, you could tag us on Instagram @loccitane_id and use #loccitaneid. This is our new official Instagram account. 
  • Spread the news even more on your other social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Path, and etc.
  • Most importantly, be creative and passionate!

How could I get the reward?
  • Rewards would be given for influencers who could collect min 3 succesful transations.
  • Rewards would be shipped to the influencers at the end of period (after 7 June 2018).
  • Details of the reward could be read below. 

What is succesful transaction?
Transaction that is fully paid by the purchaser. 

Could I register more than once?
Yes. As each promotional code would only be valid for 5 transactions, the influencer is welcome to register again to get a new promotional code. The next registration could only be done after your promotional code has been used 5 times. The same registration procedure applies for everyone.

How do you pronounce L'Occitane?

Special Rewards for You!

Aromachologie Repairing Shampoo Travel Size

For influencers who could collect 3 - 4 successful transactions

Duo Mini Hand Cream & eVoucher Rp100.000

For influencers who could collect 5 successful transactions