To take its joint development approach even further, L’OCCITANE requested “ECOCERT Fair Trade” attestation for its shea butter network in Burkina Faso. This enables women to set up a more efficient structure and to use the EFT label to make their products more attractive to other international clients, thus offering more opportunities for development.

The EFT label is awarded by ECOCERT in the spirit of solidarity and sustainability. It is aimed at establishing a sustainable development approach through commodity chains based on a close partnership with producers. Each year, an in-depth audit is conducted at the production site.

The EFT label has several important impacts on producers in developing countries:
Ethical: The insurance for the producers to sell their products at a minimum guaranteed price for the workers to receive a decent wage.
Social: Reasonable working conditions, collective organization and the establishment of funds for the producers’ community.
Health/Environmental: A production respecting the natural resources and the health of the producers and workers.
Developmental: The approach involved a sustainable partnership with the buyers and empowerment of the producers.