Ideal for

  • Enveloping the hands in a timeless feminine fragrance 
  • Helping to nourish the hands
  • Moisturizing the hands

Application area

Apply to hands throughout the day as often as desired.


Delicate orange blossom, symbolic of French region of Grasse, appears in the spring, while the orchid, whose fruit has a soft and caressing scent, blooms in the fall.


Enriched with shea butter, this hand cream moisturizes, and helps to nourish and protect the skin. It envelops the hands in a timeless feminine fragrance that brings together orange blossom and orchid: a citrus freshness, a luminous floral heart, and tender, comforting notes.


SUPPORTING PRODUCERS: Responsibly sourced orange blossom enfleurage and fruit of a white orchid.

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