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Fun in the Shower

Fun in the Shower

Formulated without silicone and enriched with 5 essential oils and sugars of vegetable origin, this mask provides an immediate feeling of hydration for your dry hair and scalp. 
The range of SOS hair masks is fun and sensory!

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Intensive Repair

This shampoo smoothes and softens capillary fibers. Your hair is left looking and feeling supple, shiny and silky. 


If your hair is constantly tangled, there is a good chance that it is due to its dryness.
Our Nourishing Shampoo is enriched with olive oil, an ingredient with intense nourishing properties.


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Gentle & Balance

The Aromachologie Gentle & Balance Hair Care range is designed for all hair types to preserve hair & scalp natural balance. 
Enriched in essential oils of Lemon, Orange, Rosemary, Chamomile and DOP Lavender.

Purifying Freshness

If you have oily hair, the most important way to free your hair is with a clean scalp! Our Purifying Freshness Shampoo is formulated with plant vinegars to help clarify your scalp and keep it fresh all day.

Body & Strength

Hair breakage is commonly caused by fine and brittle hair. You need to strengthen from within and protect from the outside in. Our Body and Strength Shampoo contains amino acids to fortify your hair as well as 5 tonifying essential oils to limit its breakage!

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