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How to Make Dry and Rough Hands Soft

Our hands say so much about us, and we use them to say so much. So it's not surprising that they're one of the first things people notice. And while we all remember to take care of our face, the same can't be said for our hands… If you want to keep your hands looking beautiful all year round, follow our beauty guide!

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Hand Care

Our Hands Need More Protection

We use our hands to do most of our activities. All the hard work could make the skin of our hands dry and rough.

Not to mention, the skin on the back of our hands are thinner and more vulnerable than our palms. Which means, our hands need more protection to keep it soft and supple. 
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Where to Look to Find First Signs of Aging: Hands

The skin of our hands is one of our body parts which show the first sign of aging. This makes hand care an essential part of our anti-aging routine. One of the easiest way to prevent you and your hands from looking older than your real age is by making sure the skin of your hands well moisturized. Since having soft, supple, and hydrated skin can make people perceive us as more youthful than our real age, we have prepared some tips on how to make your hands look youthful and beautiful.
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Why You Should Use Hand Care Products to Care for Your Hands

Hand Creams Are Made for Hands

Every moisturizers can help moisturize your skin, but not every parts of your skin has the same needs. Thus, hand creams, which are made specifically for hands, would be the best choice to protect the skin of your hands. You could also use hand lotions, as they are also hand care products and have similar benefits as hand creams, although both products have different texture.
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Have You Ever Tried Nail Masks?

Use Your Hand Creams as Nail Masks

Dry nails means your nails and skin lacks nutrients. Take care of your hands by using your hand creams as nail masks. Massage your hand creams on your nails and let it be absorbed. Feel the difference: your nails will feel replenished, healthy, and moisturized. You can also try our Nail & Cuticle Oils!
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Relieve Stress by Taking Care of Your Hands

Kiss Stress and Rough Hands Goodbye

Applying hand creams have similar benefits with hand spa, because the movements used to apply hand creams - massaging in circular motions - are the movements used in spa. The scent of hand creams also help you feel relaxed, especially if your hand care products are made with natural ingredients and contain essential oils.
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Beauty Tips

Take care of your hands as much as your hands have taken care of you. Use hand cream or hand lotion to moisturize your hands and get soft, healthy, supple skin with delicate scent of Provence.

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