Nourishing Moments

Dry skin is an issue many people are facing. It’s extra important to take time out of your day to nourish and comfort your skin. With L’OCCITANE, it doesn’t have to be a chore. We want to share with you all the ways to transform a necessary habit into a moment of self-care and ritual. 

Face Care Essentials against Dry Skin

Our Face Care Tips

We are many to have naturally dry skin. That means nourishing products are just a no miss. Our Shea Butter range will wrap your skin with a comforting, nourishing blanket, all while staying light and breathable.


Protect and Nourish your Skin

The last thing you want is a heavy face cream. You’re being active and you don’t want to be weighed down by a cream that’s too rich. Our Light Comforting Cream contains 5% Shea Butter to give you the comfort you crave, while staying light enough even for sensitive skin.


Intensive Nourishment for the Skin

Comfort Your Dry Skin

If you had to choose just one a partner in crime for your beauty routine, look no further than Shea Butter. It’s comforting, it’s lusciously creamy, and it smooths your crocodile skin aspect.


Three Cheers for Shea!

Pamper your dry skin with a nourishing body cream like our Shea Ultra Light Body Cream.


How to Repair and Comfort the Hair?

How to avoid Damaged and Dry Hair

Your hair isn’t spared the damaging effects of sun exposure, heat, cold, winter... It can get more dry, brittle and easy to break. Discover our hair care range including shampoo for damaged hair, containing natural ingredients that help repair and strengthen your hair and reveal its natural shine.


The Hair Helper, par Excellence!

With extreme weather conditions, you need extreme solutions. When heat, sun exposure, cold weather damage your hair, it may be time for a luscious hair mask like our Aromachologie Nourishing Mask. This rich, creamy hair care will sublimate your hair from damaged to strong and shiny. So bring on any kind of weather condition!


Extend the Wellness Feeling

Floral scents to make nourishing moments last

With rose fields blossoming in your bedroom, or invigorating verbena flourishing in your office, our range of fragrances means that Provence will always follow you. Choose one of L'OCCITANE's delicate and floral scents to capture your nourishing moments!