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Beauty routine for supple skin

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To keep your skin moist and supple, even when it is suntanned, you need to exfoliate before moisturising. Choose a rich, buttery scrub for an extra-indulgent feel. Here’s how to do it, twice a week: In the shower, apply body scrub on your whole body, in circular motions from top to bottom Rinse and use the Almond Shower Oil to clean and preserve your skin's moisture Apply nourishing oil once you’ve dried off Finish using Pure Shea Butter to enjoy 100% natural benefits
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Give yourself a stress reduction massage

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Relaxing Scalp Massage

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Relaxing Neck Massage

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Scalp massage - l'Occitane


Relaxing Breathing Tips

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Senses and benefits

Our sense of smell is the only sense that is directly linked to two parts of our brain that deal with memory and emotion. As such, smells can have very powerful therapeutic qualities because they bypass our conscious mind. Aromatherapy is the art of using essential oils to quiet the mind and bring peace. It is most often practiced with an essential oil diffuser. Set it up in your office or in your home, and choose what oil you want to smell, in harmony with your mood and your tastes. You will feel effortlessly calm.  
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